Whether this is your first time using the services of an escort agency or your hundredth I know there is a sense of anticipation.  I have had the honor of being the first escort experience for many wonderful gentlemen and have seen how nervousness can affect the overall experience.  Rest assured, my escorts know how to calm those nerves.

I highly encourage gentlemen to book multiple hours when meeting an upscale escort for the first time.  (Honestly, I encourage multiple hour booking in all instances).  This gives both you and your chosen companion a chance to converse, get to know one another, relax and build up that seductive energy.

Allow your escort to use her magical charms to ease your mind and body into a state of absolute contentment.  Exceptional escorts such as mine know exactly how to relieve your anxiety.  We are in the business of providing pleasure and your comfort is paramount.  Not only are my escorts the most beautiful vixens in the business but they are also the most personable and talented.  You are in the exceptionally skillful hands of a gorgeous and intuitive escort when you select one of my girls and I want you to enjoy every second of it.

I must admit even the most cool, calm and collected escort is susceptible to nervousness though she will likely never let it show.  The more relaxed, engaging and comfortable you are the more comfortable your chosen lady will be.  Consider incorporating a fun and relaxing activity to break the ice if this is a first meeting.  Sharing a meal is always a lovely idea if you don’t mind the envious looks of other gentlemen with such a beautiful woman on your arm.  Massages are a spectacular way to relax the mind and body.  Attending a concert or show will most certainly provide the two of you with a fun and entertaining way to begin your date.  Of course, simply being talkative and engaging is the best way to break the ice.  There is no need to be nervous with any of my beautiful girls.  My escorts know how to connect with you and you won’t find more intelligent, personable, charming, witty and, of course beautiful women in the UK.  Don’t be shy about getting to know your escort.  Ask her questions about her hobbies and interests.  You will be pleasantly surprised to my escorts have both the brains and beauty to provide you with an unforgettable experience.  Relax and enjoy!