The Madam’s Preference in Escorts

As a woman who loves women just as much as most gentlemen I consider myself to be a good judge of those who will make exceptional escorts.  As a bisexual woman it is no secret that I find women irresistible. I completely understand the attraction.  We are the most beautiful, seductive and enchanting creatures on earth.  However, that doesn’t mean all women meet the very high standards I hold when seeking the most talented and attractive ladies of pleasure.  I cannot say I have one particular type as there are so many beauties that appeal to me.  I am surrounded by these beauties every day which often makes it difficult to concentrate on my job of managing the sexiest women in the UK.  When acquiring new talent I look deeper than the physical features of the women vying to be a part of my agency.  Of course the physical aspects are immensely important.  I expect appealing measurements, lovely skin, well-kept hair and nails, an inviting smile and a lovely face.  Beyond that I enjoy personality.  Attitude and personality can most certainly make or break a date for me and I believe that holds true for many gentlemen as well.  Personally, I enjoy witty, playful, slightly aggressive and elegant women.  However, I realize variety is the spice of life therefore I strive to offer a vast array of personality types with one major commonality… they must possess a desire to please.  That’s right, I love pleasers and they certainly make the best escorts.  At Crystal Escort Agency you will find a plethora of pleasers.  Whether you select a busty red haired vixen, a petite, blonde girl-next-door type, a voluptuous, multi-lingual and seductive brunette or an exotic, highly educated and well-spoken Asian one quality will remain the same… they are all pleasers.

Crystal Escorts love their chosen profession and are always enthusiastic and willing partners for any date.  Your satisfaction is paramount and I want every gentleman who utilizes our services to be thoroughly pleased with their choice of escort.  I have met some honest to goodness, undisputable beautiful women in my life.  I have seen women whose appearance and physical features could rival Aphrodite herself.  But if they are not truly pleasers they do not have a future with Crystal Escort Agency.  As the Madam you can be assured you will only receive the most beautiful and pleasing women.  My standards reflect those of my clients and as the Madam of this illustrious agency you can be assured any one of our sexy escorts will provide pleasure far beyond their flawless appearance.