Blondes: The Most Sought After Women

Blonde is the rarest color of hair, it represents a recessive gene and for that reason less than 4% of the general population is blonde.  All of the great bombshells and stars of the past have been blonde.  When you go back and think about it, I am sure that you can make a list of all of your favorites as well as the most iconic women in history.

Blonde is a symbol of sexiness, and there are many varying colors from platinum blonde to dirty blonde.  Women with golden hair are some of the rarest in the world and for that reason they are the most coveted.  You will be able to see that blonde women to come with skin as well as eyes of every color.  If you have always dreamed of a blonde woman with blue or green eyes, and fair skin you will be able to find a woman who is your dream girl in all of the options we have here.

Blondes seem to have more fun, and they stand out in a crowd from other women.  Blondes are elegant, refined, and look amazing in any color.  If you have thought about what Bridgett Bardot looked like as a young woman, and thought of her in a bathing suit, how would it make you feel to be able to find a woman who looks like her as a date for the evening?

Blondes are the standard of beauty as well as the standard of luxury, in the Middle Ages, a woman who had blonde hair was sought after as a woman who would bring you luck as well as wealth.  It was the most common color as well that was sought after for rarity.  Blondes are the standard of beauty, it is the most common color as well that women choose to dye their hair when they are choosing another color.  Every woman wants to be a blonde, and every man wants to date a blonde.

Known for their iconic beauty, winning smile, and amazing looks, they are the new standard of beauty.  Blondes have a classic elegance which makes them the perfect date to accompany you to any location.  If you have ever imagined yourself with a starlet, you will have her on your arm for whatever your event, whether you are looking for a date to your corporate mixer or a weekend out of town you will be able to find it with her.  The Romans had all of their most sought after women dye their hair blonde, if they were not naturally blonde, the reason was it was believed to be a sign of favor from the gods who were looking down on you and who were sending you a beautiful golden fleece.  The blonde was supposed to come from the inner spark of inspiration which burned behind their eyes and the luck and fortune which was smiled down upon them from the Gods.  Are you feeling lucky yet?