Top casinos in London: Taking a trip!

The charm of London casinos is undeniable! A swank, classy interior with a pulsating crowd playing their royal casino games certainly gets your buzz high. A perfect place for Karma London Outcall Escorts and enjoy your evening or night time-out in London.

London offers you a wide selection of casinos to choose from. Some of the best names in the city include the following:

The Casino at the Empire

Located at 6 Leicester Street, this is the biggest casino in London and is back in action post a long hiatus! So there have been many attractive renovations to have you and your lady from Karma London Escorts enticed. The previously held Empire Ballroom, that was a quaint and ancient Victorian music hall, today has been substituted by four bars, 30 gaming tables and two fine restaurants. The interior decor of this casino will transport you to Las Vegas virtually! There are the fancy dressed showgirls, the crystals and complete artificial lighting that spells “bling” in the most refined and glamorous way. Just in case it’s your first time in a casino game scene, it’s a smart call to opt in for a free lesion that happens every evening.

Cabaret Casino Associates

Yet another popular name in London city, Cabaret Casino has been in existence for the past 27 years offering a fun casino ambience both for great corporate events as well as private requirements. Functioning all over Great Britain for charity balls to private parties, this casino is upscale and lavish. And just in case you’ve been awed with the casino’s featured in the James Bond series, Cabaret Casino is expert in creating the same ambience with identical tables that was used by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale as well as have the Vodka-martini. The casino’s in-house company Jazzco provides great live music featuring Alan Price and Georgie Fame.

Sportsman Casino

If you are the lavish spender and want to end the evening on a high-note then this is your place to be! The Sportsman Casino is indeed a sumptuous man’s choice; however it has a casual ambience accompanied with the slot machines, Baccarat, Dice, Roulette, Stud Poker and Blackjack. The casino comes with a Casino Bar and a brasserie-style restaurant. Go down stairs if you would love to enjoy a sports lounge embellished with “state-of-the-art” technology boasting TV screens. This is a walk away from the gambling tables. Sportsman Casino is one of the many hip casinos in the city. What makes it distinctive is its relaxed member’s policy, Beginner’s Training sessions on Sunday afternoons and the regular poker tournaments.

G Casino

Located in Coventry Street, the G Casino is a splendid place to be! If your pockets are full and you want to gamble it fine, then the slot machines, Roulettes and Poker are going to be your best friends here along with the pulsating ambience and impressive crowd. There’s food in the house, sports played on plasma screens and live entertainment. You’ve to be above 18 and dress smart and casual. You can even walk in to the late night bar with your lady from Karma London Escorts, open till 6:00am

Replete with an uptown elegance and upbeat crowd, these are some of the finest of London casinos.

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