I don’t offer any escort services through this web site but I do advertise high quality escorts and escort agencies and so if you would like some exposure then get in touch. This web site is very popular with lots of users that are looking for an escort and so it is very effective advertising and the site has a good domain authority too and so helps your SEO and rankings too.

I offer several different types of advertising which include a banner ad which is at the top of every page and costs £19 a month and there are then the button advertisements which cost £15 per month and are also on all of the pages. Advertisers can then also choose text links which are great  choices for link building and SEO and are also very cheap starting at £5 per month (£10 a month for the home page).

As well as those I also offer guest posts on the blog and so if you would like to do a guest post you can do so, they cost a one off fee of £19.

So if you would like to become an advertiser then please get in touch:

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