My Love of Online Sex Shops and Cheap Sex Toys

Now I’m obviously not in need of any help in the bedroom when it comes to excitement, I like to think that I am definitely on the kinkier side and am never short of ideas in-between the sheets. But that’s not to say that I don’t love to try new things and I must admit I have a slight problem; I’m addicted to buying sex toys!

Some of the toys that you can buy online are just amazing and quite literally blow my mind, and that of my clients most of the time too! There is nothing more fun than allowing a client to make his selection of sex toy and for him to use it on me, it gives me a huge thrill and him too!

They usually go for the very large toys or the anal sex toys and lets face it these are the most fun, I’ve had huge amounts of fun with them and clients just love it too.

The real problem that I have is that I just can’t stop buying them though, I have a huge war chest of them in my bedroom but just have to keep buying more as it gives me a real thrill and I just love imagining how they will be used in the not too distant future. I just love sex shops like Secret Passion as they offer really cheap deals on the very best sex toys, why would you spend lots more on the same sex toys when you can get them so cheaply from such online sex shops!